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A privately owned direct consulting firm located in Colorado Springs, CO, New Heights Consulting specializes in face-to-face marketing and sales for one of the nation’s leading companies in the telecommunications industry. Our client has big goals for us, wanting our firm to expand twice within the next year! New Heights Consulting’s expertise lies in new customer acquisition and retention. Rather than implementing marketing techniques such as telemarketing or direct mail, we do everything directly, face-to-face to ensure our message is delivered and received. We continue to WOW our clients with our high volume and quality results, so naturally, they want us to expand and continue to help them grow nationally.

Individuals find fulfilling career opportunities at New Heights Consulting for 3 reasons: 1) Our corporate culture is one for the record books. We have a team that is a melting pot of backgrounds, educations, races, and religions, and because of that, we offer an atmosphere where the playing fields are level and everything is about merit and advancement. 2) We offer really cool bonuses and incentives including travel nationally and internationally, cash bonuses, custom suits and shoes, sporting tickets, and more. 3) We offer rapid advancement into management over the course of 12-24 months. Everyone has an equal opportunity to grow.

For more information on New Heights Consulting, please visit our website at https://newheightsconsulting.com or feel free to contact us!


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